About me 🎢

I'm usually an energetic, curious, I-wanna-have-fun-everyday kinda person. I try finding joy & purpose in everything I do. 😌


Hi, you! 👋

I'm a product designer called 'Pranava' (pra-na-va). It means cosmic music in Sanskrit. Co-incidentally I also enjoy making a lot of synesthetic galaxy art.


Anyhooo, I'm a designer based out of Bangalore and I like to build experiences that are intuitive, accessible, elegant, and fun. I usually like to keep things uncomplicatedSo, I'm constantly exploring simple ways to make people happy through the stuff I design.

For 10 years now, I've experimented with various mediums and I'm currently neck-deep into designing digital products.

Guy Delisle, Luke Wroblewski, Aarron Walter, Jared Spool, Liz Fosslien and Jake Knapp are some artists and designers who inspire me a lot. 

As an individual, I love telling stories and I spend a lot of time on maps dreaming about travel. I also write stuff about design, read comics, and practice yoga when I'm not doodling. I obsess over fluffy animals. Especially alpacas! 🦙

As a designer, I am deeply interested in processes that support scalable solutions. But, more than anything I love people and, I thrive in inclusive teams & collaborative environments. 🌈

With ​4+ years of work experience, I've been fortunate enough to design for several products such as Teams, Kaizala, Workplace Analytics, Viva, Excel, and Acrobat

I like speaking, mentoring and I also organize workshops as a Figma Advocate for FoF Hyderabad , doing my small part in helping the design community grow.


Anyway, if you're in Bangalore and wanna grab a cup of coffee together - message me. ✉️

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Moments 🎡

A collection of most recent memories and activities I do inside/outside of work. ✊

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Our team stood 3rd place globally in the most recent annual Hackathon within Microsoft. 🏆

Guiding several designers & interns over the last year in areas of goal setting, communication skills and networking inside & outside Microsoft.

Running FoF Sundays

Helping the tech community learn  design thinking by organizing sessions for the Friends of Figma Hyderabad chapter.

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So humbled to have led a committee that raised about half a million INR by selling art and organizing workshops through the Microsoft India Give Campaign. 💟

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Teardowns & Brownbags

So far, I have conducted and delivered several design teardown sessions and design workshops with a simple aim to make design collaboration simple for all stakeholders. 🔌

I'm very outdoorsy! I love going on trips, rides, hikes, long treks, and swims. I recently got to trek in the alps. 🗻

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Creating art 

I love everything to do with art.  Photography, doodling, motion art, painting & storytelling.

I started my speaking career by telling simple stories of my experiences and learnings. I love talking to new people, collaborating and sharing new ideas.

You can download my resume here

My social profiles are pinned at the bottom, hit me up.