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Hello. I'm Pranava. 👋

Product designer @Microsoft.

Currently building search experiences for Microsoft Teams.

Storyteller. Digital wanderer. Obsessive Compulsive Doodler.

Based in Bangalore. Art, crypto, tech, music and yoga enthusiast.

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I love writing about my learnings, insights with respect to product, people and especially process. Some of the articIes I have written have been published by UX Magazine, UX Planet, and others. Here are a few articles I've written. ✍️


Best Practices: Designing autosuggest experiences 

A list of best practices recommended for the search bar & autosuggest patterns based on the analysis of user-typed queries & query formulation.

Mar 9, 2021 

📖  6 min read

Deep dive into the useful Figma plugins for each phase in a typical design process to increase productivity

Nov 20, 2020

📖  12 min read

Stories of collaboration, camaraderie, and learnings from a designer's point of view.

Mar 2, 2021

📖  7 min read

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Some selected work

This is a place for things I’ve made and how I’ve made them. I write my case studies with an intention that anyone (and anyone’s grandma) should easily understand what I create. I mostly emphasize on the process of designing through storytelling. For more details, please get in touch with me.


Microsoft Teams

Designing for Search 

Designing search experiences that assist users in navigation, information finding and task completion.

2021 - now


Microsoft Kaizala

Public Groups Initiative 

Designed experiences to help people create, join and engage in groups and communities on Kaizala.

2018 - 2019

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Microsoft Workplace Analytics

Insights for Healthcare 

Envisioned experiences that help healthcare organizations gain insights and measure impact.


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Adobe DC

Document Liquid Mode

Reimagining consumption experience of documents on mobile devices.